Power of Attorney Notaries

An individual may prepare a document allowing another person (attorney) to act on their behalf. This document is called a power of attorney. A power of attorney can be specific to a cause or very general. The pros and cons of each are addressed by Notary Puccio to each of her clients. She also specializes in the drafting of mandates in case of incapacity (generally referred to as a «Living Will»). Notary Puccio will assist you in the preparation of these very important documents and will address questions that are often overlooked.

Making a power of attorney and/or mandate in case of incapacity will facilitate the tasks for your loved ones and will ensure that you yourself are well protected.

Notary Puccio is also accredited with the Chambers of Notaries of Quebec in non-contentious procedures before a notary. As a result, should a protective regime be required for a minor who was born with a deficiency or an elderly individual who is no longer capable of taking care of himself or herself, Notary Puccio specializes in the opening a protective regime for these individuals.